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High quality painting breathes new life into your home. Whether you’re changing color schemes or repainting the same colors, fresh paint brings a fresh look to your home environment. With 14 years of experience and a master painting process we call “The Best Century Method,” you can trust that we are going to make your painting experience smooth and stress-free from start to finish.
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The BCP Method

We take care of every detail

  • Carefully Move Furniture, if Necessary
  • Cover Floors and Furniture with Drop Cloths and/or Plastic
  • Remove Electrical Plates from Walls
  • Patch, Sand and Prepare Walls and Ceilings as Needed to Repair Cracks, Scratches and Blemishes
  • Skillfully Apply Putty and Caulk to the Trim Work Where Needed
  • Tape off Areas to Be Painted
  • Clean Up after Ourselves Thoroughly Each Day
  • Return All Furniture Back into Position When the Project is Complete

you are fully covered

Best Century Painting, Inc is fully licensed and has
over 14 years of residential painting experience.

Best Century Painting, Inc is fully insured to remove any liability from you.

Best Century Painting, Inc is fully bonded—there is no risk to you.

The result of the Best Century Method is a beautiful, 
fresh look to your home that’s completed to the highest quality
so it lasts for many years. 

And each project comes with a full two year guarantee.

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Common Questions

Real answers for great questions

No longer than 48 hours if needed from the first contact.

It takes one to two weeks after making a final decision, though we can always work with you if you need to expedite the process.

By phone or email. We prefer to receive your choice two days before starting the job.

It is not necessary but there will be a couple of things you need to do to prepare:

1) First day unlatch window screens so they can be removed from the outside. Make sure all windows are completely shut. If your house has a history of leaking water in when it’s raining really hard or pressure washing it will be recommended that you be home while we do the washing.

2) Windows and doors will need to be unlocked at some point we will let you know head of time.

It’s not necessary but most people choose to be home while we work. There are a couple things you will need to do to prepare:

1) Remove all breakable items from the room. Unplug computers and devices.

2) We will move furniture around as needed. However, china cabinets, closets, and book shelfs need to be emptied beforehand bayou personally.


Painting interior walls will need two coats most of the time. Some colors will need 4 or 5 coats but this isn’t often. Interior trim of the same color will need one coat. It will need two coats when changing colors.


Needs one coat if maintaining the same color. Keep in mind that we will still prime all bare and weathered areas before applying the final coat. Exterior will require two coats when changing colors. Stucco surfaces will always receive two coats.

Quality is our specialty. All of our work is guaranteed for two years with a full warranty in writing. We also guarantee that your initial estimate will be your final cost. Contact us now to schedule your free in-home evaluation.

Currently we only accept Checks and Cash.

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